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Kickin Ass and Taking Names!


John Stamos Medical Dictionary

"Hey Dwayne, I have a question. If they sold ribs for $3.25 a pound...i would definately consider it"~Uncle Teddy (From D&UT:The Movie)

Many stories have arisen as to how Dwayne & Uncle Teddy were created, in this page I will answer the most common questions as asked by friends and fans.

Q: Is there another Dwayne & Uncle Teddy movie in the works besides Fannypaq?
A: No, not really. Well we want to shoot a preview for Fannypaq sometime soon, also Red Hot BBQ Productions is working on another movie for this summer as it is.
Q: What is the other movie?
A: It's called Roadies, its about me and Mitch who are roadies for a local band, we talk about our life stories and how we came to be roadies.
Q: So it will basically be Dwayne & Uncle Teddy part 3?
A: No, i didnt write it, and im not directing it. As it is now the script will mostly be improvised following a loose narrative. You can probably expect some of the same humour, but just dont expect two pedophile roadies, because thats not what its about.
Q: Is this site going to remain a Dwayne & Uncle Teddy only site?
A: Im trying to expand it into a site more about Red Hot BBQ productions than just Dwayne & Uncle Teddy, even though D&UT will remain the figure heads for the company, im going to start including pages about other movies.
Q: Word on the street is that your editing the first Dwayne & Uncle Teddy movie again?
A: (laughter) Yeah thats another project in the works, I have the original un-edited tapes, so probably in January i'll start. My plan right now is to make an ultimate version, were recording some interviews and commentarys over the holidays that we will put in. So you could probably expect a DVD release by the end of summer 2003. This time i will make lots of copies to make up for the dozens of copies that will inevitably get lost.
Q: What will be included on the dvd?
A: Well it would be the original film, then a commentary, some interviews, and probably a preview of Fannypaq.
Q: Fannypaq wont be included?
A: No, the movie wouldnt be completed by then. Maybe a future release, Right now Fannypaq is looking to be about an hour long, so I think I should dedicate it to its own release. Also the two movies are very different, the first one is really just a joke, i mean we had no money or anything we just put all these ideas on film, without any idea how, but with fannypaq theres actually a script, and i have a crew and a budget, so your going to be able to see the outstanding aesthetic differences between the two films without me having to show them to you back to back.
Q: When are you filming the movie?
A: Right now the tentative date is Summer 2003.
Q: Will it have a budget? And if so how much?
A: Yes, still talking with the government about that, at least a few grand.
Q: Are Dwayne & Uncle Teddy getting there own show?
A: Hmm you will just have to wait and see about that one.
Q: Are Dwayne & Uncle Teddy real people?
A: Define real?
Q: Not characters.
A: Then I suppose they are not real, even though I have persuaded my friend Mark several times that they are.
Q:How come I saw Dwayne Hordaleski on TV? 
A: Because he was, i went to a speakers corner as Dwayne a couple times, the first time asking them for my own tv show, and then another time i tried to hide from the camera behind a mail box and spy on people, and yet another time i breathed heavily in the camera and then ran away, i believe all of them made it on TV.
Q: How did you come up with the characters of Dwayne & Uncle Teddy?
A: There are 2 sources from which they came. As i said before one of them is Tony Clifton, the other is actually real people that no one probably knows, they are of course Byron (Dwayne) and Henry (Uncle Teddy). Byron is Mitch's Aunts boyfriend and Henry is a friend of Mitch's father. If you ever saw them you would see where we got the idea from.
Q: Tell us about Byron.
A: Byron (at the time) has a mullet, mustache and likes to steal beer. He drives an early 90's saturn (his baby) and is often heard saying these Byronesque phrases. (in a loud french accent) "ehh Meetch, preeta deep uh?" "eh! oohs beer is dis? mine if i av a beer? no? didnt think so. (laughs and looks around as if he just told the best joke)" "eh Derek if you could ook me up wit a 18 year old, oooh that would be evan (heaven)" He also seems to appear out of nowhere if your camping or at the beach. 
Q: OK now tell us about Henry.
A: Commonly referred to by Mitch as "The sniveling idiot" henry is a short slightly overweight man who wears glasses  and of course sports a mustache. He always seems to appear as if hes on vacation, which could be due to the fact that he's always unemployed, but also because he probably wears the same tourquoise tank top and neon shorts everyday. Common Henry phrases include "Hey is Reg home? no? Oh well i just came to watch the game. (walks in and watches the game by himself)" "Hey guys, you goin chasin da women tonight? (chuckles and snivels to himself) "hay Meetch is that lad zaplin? oh good music" Henry also tends to appear out of nowhere if your camping or at the beach, but also anywhere he is not invited, often before anyone else gets there. 
Q: Dwayne & Uncle Teddy are blatent rip offs of the "superfans" skit on SNL.
A: I wouldnt call them "rip offs" even though they do share a lot of qualities, we tried to make Dwayne & Uncle Teddy look like sterotypical pedaphiles, they only things they have in common are the glasses and mustaches i guess.
Q:Dwayne & Uncle Teddy are a blatent rip off of the late great comedian Andy Kaufman's alter ego Tony Clifton.
A: Me and Mitch invented the characters before the movie Man on the Moon had came out into theatres, However as much as i hate to admit this, if we did "steal" any traits when making the characters it would have been from Tony Clifton, he is who we had in mind when developing the characters, that being said, after the movie came out (Man on the Moon) and it got popular we had to change the characters a bit so people wouldnt think that we were just impersonating Tony Clifton.
Q:How did you come up with the name "Red Hot BBQ Productions"?
A: When editing the first movie, i asked Mitch for a random word and he said Red Hot BBQ.
Q: How do i get a copy of the first movie?
A: You cant, the master tape had been lost for about a year then I found it, but then lost it again, there were a few other copies but somehow they have all been lost as well, and the master tape that had it on it is now missing that part of the tape that had it on it...phew! I'll find a copy someday.
Q: Is it true that Dwayne & Uncle Teddy started out as fitness trainers?
A: Hmmm yes and no, first of all before me and Mitch had come up with names or any solid characterizations we had practised disguising ourselves. This included among others 80's style fitness trainers, i guess you could call them an early Dwayne & Uncle Teddy because they had mustaches, but at that time they were basically used to trick people into thinking we were of age.