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Kickin Ass and Taking Names!


John Stamos Medical Dictionary
John Stamos Medical Dictionary

"this reminds me of yolanda back in 86..... " "shut up"~ Dwayne & Uncle Teddy (From D&UT: The Movie)

The John Stamos Medical Dictionary


stamosis- like osmosis but john stamos style


stamostic- substitute for awsome, fantastic etc...


Stamosensitized- Having undergone so much stamosizing that one becomes immune to stamosity, to the point of being in a constant state of stamosis.


Stamoses- To be so perplexed with the notion of John Stamos that one is in a constant state of shock and awe.


stamoscentric- To act so much like John Stamos to the point of becoming ridiculous


epistamostology- the study of stamos' skin


Stamosubsidized - to lose ones job or suffer a loss because of John Stamos, ie. the drummer for the beach boys was Stamosubsidized


egotistamos- Thinking one is so close to the perfection that is john stamos , that they feel they have to tell everybody


homeostamosis- a state of constant stamosity


stamostomy- having severed your ties with stamos, ie when rebecca rojmain divorced her husband she had a stamostomy


stamosapiens- the evolved race that is the offspring of anyone who is Stamosexual


Stamosexual- To only be attracted to models, and other women who are way above your league and more succesful than you are.


stamostified- having just experienced stamos


AsStamos- no defintion, possible to have a John Stamos Ass, or a piece of his ass, carved out with a small pocket knife


stamossery- a place with all things stamos, kind of like a museum


Stamosensitive- Sensitive to subjects concerning John Stamos


stamostereotype- thinking that john stamos is in fact like a character that he has played


Stamosque- a place to study the religious belief of John Stamos


Stamosophy the religion of John Stamos


Stamos lite- The beer of John Stamos


Stamosa- A chicken filled pastry dipped in a spicy hair-gel sauce


semistamos- not being stamostic enough, or being half of what stamos is (a put down)


interstamosability- having the tendancy to go in and out of different states stamosness, very unstable


Stamosteoperosis- Becoming less and less Stamostic everyday because your body starts to deteriorate because of the constant Stamosity. The only cure: try to lower the stamosity to prolong the life, no one can out-stamos the stamos so dont even try


stamostatic- when someone tries to look like john stamos and ends up wearing the same leather pants every day


Stamoserity- the degree of stamos of the situation (as in severity)

"I dont think you understand the stamoserity of this situation"


Stamosimplify- to explain something in a way so that it relates to John Stamos, for easier learning


stamosterile- not being able to uphold the stamos look and style anymore.

 Oh no look at Mitch. Ever since Lisa turned him down he went stamosterile."


stamostache- the kind of moustache that is associated with John Stamos (ie, a Hitler moustache) However, no evidence of such a specimen has ever been scientifically documented.


stamosaic- inlaid work composed of bits of photos of john stamos forming a portrait of john stamos


Stamosreality- To have so much Stamosity that you actually believe that you have become John Stamos, you see the world as a John Stamos, and receive the gift of mediocre musical and acting talent.

"Whoa! Hes living a stamosreality."


Stamosmoked sausages- Sausages that were smoked over the John Stamos' burning corpse


stamosey - to saunter or stroll along in a subtle strut


Stamospecific- to keep something related to John Stamos "come on guys, lets keep this conversation stamospecific"