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Preview Script

Coming Summer 2003

Dwayne & Uncle Teddy: Fannypaq - Preview

Scene fades up from black, Dwayne & Uncle Teddy talking in front of a depressing gloomy neighborhood.

Dwayne: We cant keep living like this Uncle Teddy

Uncle Teddy: (Looks up, and nods his head)

Dwayne: I mean look at us, what is this? is this supposed to a good life?

Uncle Teddy: (looks up, choking back tears) High School.

Dwayne: ...what?

Uncle teddy: High school, thats the last time i was happy. (looks away)

Dwayne: (slowly looks away with a concerned look on his face, as if what Teddy said made him realize something)

Movie voice: What if you had one chance..

Shot of garage door opening revealing the Jeep 4.0

movie voice: ...To turn it all around.

Dwayne: Remember when Dilton built the car, he was going to try it, but it wouldnt start, he thought that the machine just didnt work, the reason why it wouldnt start is because i drained the battery boosting our oldsmobile. The battery was dead, thats why he couldnt get it to work.

Movie voice: One shot, to leave everything behind.

(back to the future theme starts)

Dwayne: Uncle Teddy, this car, the Jeep 4.0, can travel through time.

Uncle teddy's face staring in awe.

Movie Voice: This summer!

(shot of Dwayne & Uncle Teddy sitting in Car, Dwayne looks over at Uncle Teddy)

Movie Voice: Get ready!

(shot of Dwayne putting the key in, and it starts, he look over at Teddy then looks at the camera)

Movie voice: For the ultimate ride!

(montage-shot of sundance dissapearing into a track of flames,shot of Uncle Teddy falling out of car, Dwayne, scared, looking up at something in awe, Uncle Teddy screaming "RUN")

Movie voice: DWAYNE!

(shot of Dwayne looking up at camera through the rim of a cowboy hat)

Movie voice: UNCLE TEDDY!

(shot of Uncle Teddy in his prime looking sideways to the camera with a huge mullet and awesome mustache)

Movie voice: Like you've never seen them.

(shot of Dwayne & Uncle Teddy in their prime walking down street towards camera in slow motion, ladies screaming)

Titles come up- Dwayne & Uncle Teddy - Fannypaq

Movie Voice: Dwayne & Uncle Teddy- Fannypaq

Dwayne: Are you frightened?

man: Yes.

Uncle Teddy: Not nearly frightened enough.

(Shot comes up of Dwayne and Uncle Teddy pulling out lightsabers and running towards the camera)

Cuts to black- title- SUMMER 2003.

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